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The Power Of Print and Wall Art

Do you deserve to have a home beautifully decorated with photos of you and your family?

I know you do! 

For as long as humans have been on this earth we have used our senses to explore things around us. 

Our senses help us navigate, detect danger, spark hunger, and even bring back old memories. 

Stepping out of  2017 and into 2018 we have really used technology to increase what we see and the information that is available to us.

But we forgot one thing! 

The power of print, and having beautiful images live on our walls, displayed and memorialized. 

These days all of our photos live in our devices. This can be wonderful for quickly sharing on the go. 

However, when some one walks in to your home and sees large prints on the wall of your child from two years ago or that Christmas photo album on the table, it is truly a different experience. 

Why you should print your photos

Sparking Emotion With Print

When I was five and graduating Kindergarten my grandmother had a huge print of me made. The photo was a professional photo taken at the school. 

When I say a huge print I mean HUGE. 

It consumed our dinning room wall. 

People walked in to our home and it was the first thing you saw. 

It was a statement piece. 

I loved that photo. I saw it everyday. As I grew up I looked back at a young version of myself. How cute I was. How innocent I was. How much I've changed. 

Everyone felt this when they saw that image. 

If my grandmother had decided to keep that image in negative form or a CD, these memories would be very different. 

No one would have enjoyed the incredible conversation around that picture, or shared those corky memories of their children when they were that age. 

Do you have photos like this in your home?….. 

If you do then you know exactly what I am talking about. Print has a special way of pulling on your heart strings. 


Now yes these are cute pictures, but to my family it means a lot. I get to brag about the relationship between my daughter and my boyfriend when people come in to my home. 

It just has a special way of creating a more welcoming environment.

Print Is Timeless

Okay, okay……

At this point you're probably completely over my sob story about how much I love my family and being surrounded by photos of them.

So lets move on in to a history lesson. 

Just kidding! 

But, a lot of our history is documented in either paint or photograph. 

Walk in to any museum on earth and you will see a collection of artifacts, woven goods and….oh yes….. photographs. From many many years ago! 

These photos give us great insight in to the past. They allow us to understand where we came from. The struggles people before us have endured. The happiness they experienced. 

Without the power of print, we would simply have stories and small trinkets here and there to fantasize about our history. Print brings these fantasies to life, if gives them a face. 

Print To Remember

Print is important. 

Print is timeless. 

I do want to also remind you that printed pictures can be special in other ways as well. 

When I was just 20 days old, my mother passed away. 

She had a complicated pregnancy and by the end of it she just couldn't hang on any longer. I was born in an emergency c-section. 

My poor fragile mother fell in to a coma and eventually went on to spend the rest of her days with the angels. 

Growing up, I was inundated with wonderful photographs of my mother. Album after album of her cool 80’s style and beautiful little smile. 

There is nothing on this earth, other than my own daughter, that I love more than those photos. 

They are tangible. They are special. They are my mother. 

I would sift through the albums and imagine what her voice sounded like, how she smelled, what it would feel like to have her hug me. 

My room was surrounded with photos of her. My grandmother hung her in our living room. 

My father even held her picture in his wallet. 

These prints meant more to me than almost anything. 

I have always been grateful for those images. Grateful that my mother loved to take pictures, and create albums. She was special. The pictures are special. 

Think About Print In Your Home

I didn't mean to make this blog post so heavy but the truth is….. I love print for many reasons. 

You should too….

So the next time you work with your photographer, hopefully that photographer is me, make sure to talk to them about print options. 

You will be surprised just how excited I get when planning prints. 

Its a very special thing to help someone decorate their homes with photographs of their families. 

The joys and love in their eyes is enough to make me squeal with joy! 

Personally every print planning session with me is very personal. We really plan how your home will look and what will compliment a space. 

So if you're interested in a completely personalized experience make sure to visit the “contact” section. 


Crystal Stewart