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You woke up one morning and looked over at the person you love and decided that you are going to marry them!

Fast forward to wedding suit fitting and you’re stuck. 

Luckily, there is a set of guidelines that can help you with the perfect fit. 

Why A Well Fitting Suit?

A well fitting suit will keep you comfortable and confident on your wedding day. Your guests will notice how dapper you look and how tall you stand because of that added confidence. 

So what is a good fitting suit? 

Suit Jacket 

Your suit jacket can easily be one of the most uncomfortable pieces of your suit but with the right fit it can be life changing.

Your jacket should be fitted and flexible. The collar on your jacket should fit snug around your neck with out being overly tight. When you lift your arms on the side or go to grab something the collar should not gap behind you. 

Moving down to the shoulders. The fabric in this area should not be to loose or too tight. You want the seam on the jacket to be just slightly over your shoulder, just about 1cm, to leave space for your shirt.

The arm holes on the jacket should lay well on your armpit and comfortably on the arm without causing wrinkles when you move. 

When you’re working with the tailor, make sure your chest is being measured at its widest point. Fitting the chest area correctly will ensure a taut lapel that does not hang over. Proper measurements also help with button positioning. Buttons should not sit to high and enhance your silhouette when the top button is closed. When your top button is buttoned, the jacket should still sit cleanly on your torso with out pulling making the dreaded “X” shape. Right now, two button suits are very popular and give men a great shape!

So how long should the sleeves and jacket be? The sleeves should leave about 1cm for the shirt to peek through. As for the jacket, well…..this can be a bit trickier. 

Ideally for a slim fit suit the jacket should end at the middle of your bum or just below the middle of your bum. If you have very long legs your jacket should come under your bum to even out your proportions. 

ct wedding photographer - mens wedding suit fit
ct wedding photographer - wedding mens suit
ct wedding photographer - mens wedding suit


The general rule of thumb for a tapered look is slim fit pants. This kind of cut generally slims down the silhouette and has a high quality feeling to it. 

As for the length of the pants, you should strive for minimum break with the seem just touching the shoes or just over the beginning of the shoe. Baggy pants around your ankles will make your legs look short and your over all look feel sloppy. 


Men take great pride in their ties and socks. I honestly love showing up to a grooms getting ready area and he’s stoked about what socks and tie he’s chosen. 

The length of the tie should end right at the middle of your belt buckle. If you’re wearing a flat end tie it should end right at the top of the belt. 

Why is this important? The jacket and pants really dictate your shape and silhouette while the tie helps balance the length of your legs and your torso. A tie that is to short can make you look uncomfortable and like your clothing is to small. A tie that is to long will make you look unfashionable and sloppy (just like baggy pants). 


Similar to the jacket, the shirt has many components you need to consider. 

When you’re fitting the collar, you should make sure the collar is snug but not restricting when buttoned up. You should be able to comfortably stick your finger in to the collar area. 

The seam on the shoulder of the shirt should sit right at the end of your shoulder. This will create high arm holes that sit nicely on the armpit as well. When moving your arms you should feel a comfortable range of motion. The sleeves themselves should be fitted but not tight. Nice clean lines, similar to fitted pants. The sleeve should also end right at your wrist. 

Around your torso the shirt should be fitted but have a small amount of pull, about an inch of fabric. 

When trying on the shirt make sure you are able to freely move your arms, make a hugging motion and expand your back. If the shirt is to tight you may want to be remeasured. 

Crystal Stewart