How To Have A Stress FREE Wedding Experience

As a wedding photographer I see how much goes in to the perfect wedding.

Wedding planning can be very stressful. Once you say "yes" you immediately get swept up in to a whirlwind of choosing the venue, picking the right photographer, cake tasting, picking out dresses and tuxes. However, you don't HAVE to be stressed when planning a wedding. Below I have outlines some tips to help you have a stress FREE wedding planning experience. 

Work Together

Your fiancé is your partner. Your partner in life, in love and in wedding planning. Ask for their input, have them help you make important decisions. This takes the stress off of you and gives you more quality time together. 


Plan Ahead—Way Ahead


Wedding planning is a funny thing. A year before the wedding you’re thinking to yourself, “This is easy, I’ve already planned the whole event.” Then a month before the wedding you notice there about 400 small details you didn’t even think of. 

Having a time line and a checklist is a huge help and can really keep things under control.

Heres a link to the wedding checklist I’ve outlined for my couples. 


Get Help


Hiring a wedding planner can be a life saver. Wedding planners know what small details are important and which ones you can say “no” to. 

Wedding planners take a lot off your plate. They do the research and already have connections with florists and papermakers to get you a good deal. 


Set expectations for others


Does Aunt Sally have to much advice for you? Is cousin Gina insisting on being the maid of honor? Is your mother in law pushing you in t traditions you think are out dated and unnecessary? 

During your wedding planning process, you will need to say “no” to many people. This will be much easier if you accept this fate from the beginning and set the proper expectations with everyone. 

Be VERY clear, but kind. 

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Pick Your Priorities


There are surely things you may need to remove from your list of wants or commit a little less of your budget to. 

Make a list of 2-3 things you know are your “must haves” and be flexible with the rest. The 2-3 items that usually make the list are venue, photographer and good catering. 



Schedule Time To Plan And Have A Timeline


Set aside about 5-10 hours a week to wedding planning. This will make it easier to focus on other things during the day (like that pesky job you have to still be good at while you plan a whole wedding, how rude!) 

Also, have deadlines for yourself. If you want to have your venue chosen and booked 8 months before the wedding, give your self a due date. Put this date on your calendar and make sure to follow through. This will help you stay ahead of your tasks and help you stay organized. 


Use Tools


Making a guest list that lives in the cloud is super handy. This makes it easy for you to share with your fiancé and your parents. Any additions or changes can easily be made by any party. 

There are also other tools that help keep you organized, like Trello. Trello’s movable activity charts help you easily move tasks from “need to do” to “doing” and finally to “done.” 

Trello is also wonderful because it is FREE. 


Take The Right Days Off


Taking a few days off before the wedding can be crucial. This is a good time to plan a hair and make up test run,  re-taste the catered food, have your final fitting, and other things you want to double check. 

Doing this will also give you peace of mind that things will run as smoothly as you planned. 



Remember Your Regular Life Too


It’s so easy to get swept up in the whirlwind that is wedding planning. Things like laundry, house cleaning and feeding the cat can fall by the wayside. 

Making sure that you’re either keeping a to do list or outsourcing these tasks as the wedding gets closer is going to be important for your sanity once the wedding is over. 


Slow Down


Take breaks throughout the wedding planning process. Meditate, take a spa day and have “no wedding talk” dates. This will help you recharge and keep you excited. 


Plan For Any Weather 

With a good plan in place, weather will be the last thing you worry about. 

Rain should not get you upset on your wedding day. With some clear umbrellas and lots of love together we can make some really beautiful rainy wedding photos. 

So my two biggest tips here are plan, and trust me as your photographer. 


Don’t Just Tell Your Vendors What You Want


Telling your wedding planner, florist, baker, etc. what you want is great but showing your vision is powerful. Tools like Pinterest allow you to share your board with others and collaborate to curate a perfect vision. 

Here at Crystal Stewart Photo we work with you to take a few things off your plate like creating your wedding timeline and family shot list.

Taking these things off your checklist leaves time for you to work on other important wedding planning details.

Let’s set up a free wedding consultation!



Crystal Stewart