Jewish Wedding Photography in Los Angeles

The Jewish wedding day is filled with so many beautiful traditions. Jewish weddings in Los Angeles are nuanced and include so many small moments throughout the day that are picture perfect.

Working with a wedding photographer in Los Angeles that is familiar with how all of the traditional of the wedding day flow is critical to how your wedding album will tell your story.

Moments like the Ketubah signing, blessings over challah and the horrah are all important and should be made monuments in your images.

ketubah signing Los Angeles wedding photography

The Ketubah

The earliest ketubah on record was signed in 440 B.C. This document is considered to be the most important wedding document in a Jewish wedding. Traditionally the Ketubah is signed by two witnesses and read under the chuppah by the rabbi.

The Chuppah

In Jewish ceremony the chuppah is a canopy held up by four posts. It is symbolic of the home that the couple will build together. Usually the whole ceremony takes place under the chuppah making it a very big part of the wedding.

The Horah

To start this extremely fun traditional dance family and friends lock arms to form a circle and dances around alternating left and right. Larger groups, like the ones at weddings, form several circles inside one another. Then the bride and groom (and sometimes their family members) are lifted above the crowd in a chair.

I always have the absolute best time during this dance. The energy in the room is instantly elevated and does not decline.

Working with Crystal Stewart Photo means you work with a wedding professional that is very detailed and understands how important each tradition is.

We know how the value in working with a team that knows how to navigate your wedding day and be respectful of your families as well.

Here is what the maid of honor said about Crystal Stewart Photo from our last Jewish wedding:

Thank you so much for everything! You were incredibly professional, patient, and clearly have a strong passion for this! Rachel can’t stop raving about you and the work you’ve done/are doing. I will definitely recommend you to whoever asks!!
— Keren - Maid Of Honor

I’d love to extend this same experience to you and your family.

Crystal Stewart