Long Island Wedding Photographer | Cowfish Hampton Bays Wedding | Best Venues For Small Hamptons Weddings

When I think of a rustic wedding Cowfish in Hampton Bays is the image I get in my head. 

For Rosa and Johan's styled wedding, this was the absolute perfect location. It is just the right size, great design and was right on the water. The high ceilings make for a very comfortable setting, and who doesn't love boats hanging from the ceiling? 

I don't think Rosa imagined such a beautiful place before stepping foot on the grounds of Cowfish

The florals were created by Aisa at Roses and Rice in East Quogue, NY. The attention to detail and absolute love Roses and Rice put in to each of their arrangements really shines through. Each flower was hand picked and carefully arranged to create a sweet and colorful display that is still very much rustic and raw. 

When Rosa took the bouquet in to her hands for the first time she was absolutely speechless. Sure, we all have vision boards and dream of what our  perfect wedding would be, but to have it all at our finger tips and actually be able to touch it and say "that is mine" is a very different feeling. Roses and Rice made a dream come true with every flower the meticulously cut and placed. 

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It was a great pleasure working with Rosa and Johan. They are silly and so cute. Johan is bashful and did speak much, but when ever he saw his gorgeous wife he displayed a muffled smile. He knew that the love of his life looked beautiful and occasionally snuck a compliment or two when he though no one was looking. 

Rosa is a fierce go getter, insanely polite and crazy in love with Johan. She sees the very handsome young man she met 8 years ago when she looks at him and it still gives her butterflies. This is the kind of love you hear about in songs. The love that keeps going and you feel it in the pit of your stomach like a small fire. 

I am proud that I was able to provide them with thier wedding photos. 

Crystal Stewart