Long Beach Engagement Session - Long Island Wedding Photographer

Getting engaged is an extraordinarily exciting time in your life. You about to embark on a life long journey with the person of your dreams. 

I could not image something more magical. 

Recently I had the beautiful opportunity to photograph a lovely couple. These two radiated love, respect and FUN. 

We went to Long Beach, NY on a chilly day and I spoke to Shayla and Duane about how they met and their wedding plans. 

All of the giggles and, hugs and sneaky kisses made my mind flutter with thoughts of a young princess finding her prince charming. 

engagement photography

Being on the beach when no one was there gave us a chance to run around, skip, laugh super loud and get some incredible images. 

Shayla and Duane have such a cute engagement story. Shayla, being one of the only college graduates in her family had just received her MBA. After the ceremony her family and friends were posing her for photos and her family posed her with her back facing them. When she turned around to smile for the photo she found her then boyfriend down on one knee, with a ring in his hand, ready to make her his wife. 

Hearing this story made me teary eyed! Could you image, you just accomplished something that no one else in your family has and now the man of your dreams is asking you to be his wife? 

Can you say “FAINTING?” Because I would have just fainted! 

But Shayla managed to stay on her feet long enough to tell Duane that she would want nothing more in life than to mend their families together and take his last name. 

This is why I love weddings and engagements. The infinite amount of love surrounding these events fills me with so much joy. 

When working with this couple I could tell that they not only loved each other but they understood each other. Duane was incredibly sweet and helpful to Shayla and Shayla so nurturing and caring of her fiancé.

Witnessing love like this may not be rare but when we get caught up in the whistle and bustle of life, it can get over looked. 

So my message to Shayla and Duane is this:


Congratulations to the both of you for finding someone that will love you when things are rough. Someone that will make you laugh when you’re in pain. Someone that will carry you when you’re down and someone that will walk with you in to the sunset forever and ever. May your marriage be filled with eternal love, respect, gratitude and happiness.

Crystal Stewart