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Unique wedding engagement photos

Everyone has a unique personality and cookie cutter engagement photos may not be for everyone. 

This gorgeous couple met at a gym and the gym is super important to them. Naturally when speaking to Genevieve, I quickly realized WE MUST DO THE SHOOT AT A GYM. 

Instantly this idea was a hit! Both Bryant and Genevieve felt comfortable and happy to be in a place that they knew and felt most comfortable in. 

When thinking about creating unique engagement photos keep these things in mind. 

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Unique wedding photos

What Is Special To Us 

Choose an idea or a place that has meaning to you and your fiancé. This will make your photos more authentic.

Every time you look at your engagement photos you will think about this special place or time. 

For example, normally a couple would say something like " We want to have our photos in a park or on the Brooklyn bridge." These ideas are stunning, wonderful and classic ideas. However, when we dig a little deeper, the couple may actually want to be in the cafe that they visited during their first months together or a NYC bus (which I've done and was so much fun!)

Your Personality 

Your personality should shine in these photos. If you are more introverted and romantic or outgoing and loud, the images should match. 

So when choosing a location make sure to think about how it reflects upon you. 

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