7 Things You Need To Do On Your Wedding Day | Advice From A Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Eat Breakfast 

With all that's happening on your wedding day, it is super easy to forget to eat. By the end of the night, you will realize that you haven't eaten all day! Make sure to have a good sized breakfast. Choose options that are healthy, filling and nutritious, like oatmeal or eggs and toast. Having this incredibly important meal will help keep you energized and less hungry. 

Bonus Tip: have a bridesmaid or maid of honor keep snacks in their bags. Filling snacks like peanuts, RX Bar's and dried fruit will help curb the hunger throughout the day.  

After all, you want to be a happy bride and I've never been happy when I'm hungry. 

Wedding Day Must Do's

Keep Extra Makeup Handy 

You will cry, you will sweat and you will hug many many people. All of which results in your makeup fading or smudging. To keep your face looking fresh make sure to keep an extra bit of makeup in a small bag in your bridal suite. Whenever you need to reapply, you can just quickly hide and do so. 

Bring Extra (Comfortable) Shoes

Have you ever worn heels for 8 hours straight? If you have and you don't mind it you're my hero. 

For those of us that are not blessed with the ability to wear heels all day comfortably, an extra set of flat shoes is a great option. Pretty satin or lace flats in the same color as your main shoes can help you navigate the night in style and with no pain! 

Drink Water

Much like the first tip, staying hydrated is very important. The last day you want to dehydrate yourself is at your wedding. 

In your getting ready room make sure to have small bottles of water handy, keep one in the car you're being transported in, and in your bridal suite at the venue. 

You'll thank me later! 

Bonus: Staying hydrated makes your skin look AMAZINGGGGG! Should there be any other reason to drink water?

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Have A Timeline

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I am all about my couples having a stress FREE wedding day. 

Normally about two weeks before the wedding, I sit with my couples and together we map out their day. This gives you a good idea of what will happen in the hours before the ceremony and how we will handle gathering your family members for the family formals. 

You don't want to be bothered trying to figure all of this out after you've just said: "I do."

A First Look

A first look is intimate, special, and tear-jerking. Being able to see your love for the first time on your special day in private and having the luxury of letting out your emotions freely as the flow through you is beautiful. These are some of the most touching pictures of the day. 

Having a first look also gives you much needed private time with your fiance before you are inundated with kisses, hugs, and congratulations from your family and friends. 


Don't forget, YOU'RE MARRYING YOUR BEST FRIEND. So soak it all in and enjoy every last second. 



Crystal Stewart