11 Details Brides Often Forget | Los Angeles Wedding Photography

You spend one to two years planning out your dream wedding. The perfect flowers are chosen, the cake flavors are just divine and the venue could not be in a more magical place. What else are you forgetting? 

Here are a few details that can often slip the minds of busy brides just like you!

Appoint someone to help you with maintaining your timeline

Its not secret that many wedding day time lines are quickly derailed. This can be solved with one simple decision. 

By making someone your point person for the wedding time line you are taking stress of yourself, your venders and making the day run smoothly. 

I promise this works! Not having a plan is planning to be late (I know thats not the saying). 

Also, make sure your venders have these time lines as well. As a photographer, its important for me to know when the ceremony starts and ends, what time the first look is happening and when the first dance is taking place. However, all of the other little things like what time you’ll be transported to the venue or when the flower girls will arrive help me understand where everyone will be so I can tell your story and give you all of these memories in your wedding album. 


You are about to experience one of the most important days of your life, you need fuel. Many brides often forget or skip breakfast and this can lead to feeling uncomfortable of jittery later in the day. 

Take some time to your self the morning of the wedding, take a nice hot shower, meditate, and have a wonderful breakfast. Make yourself a feast of fruits and oats and indulge in the healthy goodness that will give you energy for the whirlwind of a day a head of you.  

Guest book

Many brides might not give this much thought, but I know you’re different and you want a beautiful book for your guests to write their well wishes in. 

A great idea for a guest book is using your engagement photos. When you have your engagement album created, you can simply just ask to have a second book made with photos that are a bit more transparent. This will give the guests a gorgeous place to sign and have them flipping through your wonderful engagement photos. 

Invitations and other small trinkets


Remember, as your photographer I want to make sure you remember EVERY detail from your wedding. This includes your invitations, any hand-me downs from your mother and special pieces that you are using on your wedding day. 

Make sure to pack these items in a safe ziplock bag or wrapped in tissue so they do not get damaged. Another great idea is to hand these items to your point person from #1. This way I know exactly who to go to when I am ready to photograph these pieces for you. 

Cake Knife and Toasting Flutes

This is something many couples forget. The generic cake knife held at the reception venue is fine to use but it will not go home with you and will not have sentimental value. 

The same goes for toasting flutes. Get your self something special, that you can keep and hand down to your future children, something possibly engraved. 

These little things will be worth it. Here are a few places to look if you’ve hit a brick wall on this. 

Cake Knifes


Tiffany & Co. 

Jonathan Adler

Sur La Table

Toasting Flutes

Water Ford


Crate and Barrel

Vera Wang


A charge is essential and easily forgettable. You need your devices to be charged and on. Even if you’re not the one answering calls or text messages, your friends, family and vendors might have urgent questions that need answering. 

Extra shoes! 

I already know you want to dance the night away. Dancing in high heels can be, well….uncomfortable. In addition to dancing you will be mingling, thanking people, moving from table to table, taking photos, and standing. 

I think this is argument enough to bring extra more comfortable shoes. Silk white ballet flats are always a big winner for weddings. 

Extra clothes

If you’re leaving on your honeymoon right after the wedding you will want to change your clothes. Getting on a plane in a huge fluffy white dress is surely a dream of mine, but I am not entirely sure a few hours on a plane in a wedding dress will be very comfortable. 

If you are not going on your honeymoon right after the reception and will be going someplace other than your home, your point person from #1 could also be your dress carrier. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a responsible person to take your dress home for you so you don’t have to take it on your honeymoon or home from your hotel. 


Couples forget their passports, often. Two to three months before the wedding, make sure your passports are unto date and packed with the bag you will be taking on your honeymoon. 

The last thing you want is to get to the airport and be denied entry past security. 

Online reviews

I love working with couples just like you and your fiancé! Online reviews help other people, like you, find me. 

This, for vendors, is the ultimate “Thank You Note.” Other couples rely on reviews from real people to make decisions. 

Thank you notes

Your guests all took their time to join in celebrating your union. A thank you note is a sweet and thoughtful way of saying how much you appreciate them for being a part of the most important day of your life.

Crystal Stewart