How to Have the Perfect Engagement Session | Los Angeles Wedding Photography Advice

You just got engaged and you are feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, love, happiness, nervousness, and so many more. The responsibility of wedding planning has just started to sink in and your scouring the internet for the perfect venue, florist, photographer and countless other venders. 

Now, you’re thinking to yourself “yes, we have to take engagement photos for the save the dates and online announcements.” Unless you’re a professional model, it may be very intimidating being in front of the camera. 

This is why I decided to share with you some tips to make the most of your engagement session. 

Tip #1:  Choose a photographer that shares your style and that you’re comfortable with. 

Photographers differ in aesthetic, personal style, and approach. If you’re a more quiet, romantic couple you may want to look at photographers that match your energy level and can capture those intimate moments you may not have noticed they were shooting. On the contrary, if you’re the adventurous type and want to have photos done at the top of a mountain or hiking trail, your photographer would have to share in that same sense of excitement and adventure. 

Look at their online portfolio and make sure to have a great conversation with your prospective photographer. Getting to know someone will help you decide if this is the person you want to spend 1-3 hours with to create the images you will be putting out in the world. 


Tip #2: Your outfits matter!

You should work with your fiancé to choose outfits that reflect your personal style, make you feel good and are easy to move in. Comfort is key, but not at the expense of personal style. 

For women, I usually suggest a dress they feel good and comfortable in or well fitting pants. This all also depends on the feel you are going for as well as the location and time of year. A great general rule of thumb for most couples is: no graphic tees unless there is a super cute story behind it. Solid colored shirts and clean color pallets photograph best. 


Tip #3: Special locations always win. 

Think about where you and your fiancé met, a place that means a lot to you both or your future spouses childhood town. Choosing a location that brings you to a happy place or sends a rush of positive memories is always a great choice. 

In a recent couples session, the future groom decided that he wanted photos done in a local garden that was very special to his fiancé. She would always speak to him about this park and how happy she felt their so he knew this would be the absolute perfect location for them. It worked will because she was happy and he was happy because he made her happy. WIN WIN WIN! 


Tip #4: Forget about posing. 

In most cases your photographer will ask you to stand a certain way and put your hands in a certain place. These poses may show off great angles, but they can get uncomfortable. If you stiffly stand there and just smile, I guarantee that you will not be happy with your session. Tell each other jokes, make the other laugh, talk about how much you love each other, and my favorite- DANCE. 

These things will make your engagement session enjoyable and memorable. When you get the photos back you’ll remember the silly joke you told your partner or the song you sang to make her cry. That is how you make memories. 


Tip #5: HAVE FUN

Make sure you laugh and joke with the photographer and your fiancé. Everyone wants to have a good time and the more open and silly you are the more fun you will have! 

If you are interested in scheduling an engagement session with me make sure click the “contact” button or email me at I would love to help you create wonderful memories. 

Crystal Stewart