What Happens If It Rains At My Wedding? | Advice From A Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

rain on my wedding day

It's a week before your wedding and you're checking the weather, to your surprise nothing but rain and clouds are in the forecast. 

What do you do? 

There is no need to panic about a bit of showers on your special day. Below I have outlined a few things you can do to to ease your mind and relieve some stress on your wedding day. 

Talk To your Venue 

Los Angeles wedding venues have so many options for both indoor and outdoor. If you are having an outdoor wedding, the first thing you want to do with rain in the forecast is create a plan with your venue. Does your venue have a backup location? Can you move inside?

Most LA and Orange County venues handle these things very well but great communication will help put your mind at ease. 

If you are renting tents, make sure you ask the tent company about waterproof options and their suggestions for the best weather proof tents. 

Have Fun With It 

Beautiful photos can be made in the rain with a bit of flash and some clear plastic umbrellas. Unless there is a major hurricane taking over your area, (in which case you should take shelter) we can work with snow, light to moderate rain and even some gloomy skies. 

Once you are sure there will be rain or snow try to get some fun things to use in your couples photos. Fun colored rain boots, snow galoshes, umbrellas, and even raincoats can all photograph very well. 


Have A Good Attitude 

If you do not want to step out on the rain thats okay. 

In door couples photos can also be very beautiful and super romantic. You've done months of research to find the most beautiful wedding venue. Lets use it! 

Spiraling staircases, libraries, hallways, windows, back porches are all great options for intimate bride and groom pictures. 

The most important thing is that you stay positive and talk to me as your photographer about your concerns.


All in all, rain will not ruin your wedding. You will still get beautiful photos, your guests will still have a wonderful time and you will still look radiant. The key to having this run smoothly is communication. Communicate with your venue, your guests, the photographer, your family and your fiance. 




Crystal Stewart