NYC Wedding Photographer - Central Park Elopement

Ever dreamed of a magical wedding surrounded by beautiful flowers, lush greenery and beautiful golden light?

Im sure the answer is YES YES YESSS!!!

On this gorgeous August day Vika and Alex were blessed with a wonderful Central Park view and rain! Yes, I said the dreaded "R" word, rain! 

The clouds were deep shades of grey and the entire day had been riddled wit scattered showers. We knew we wanted to shoot these intimate photos around sunset, but when we arrive there was not a good pocket of light in sight. 

Having my trusted "pocket sun" as I like to call it, I did not worry. I told Vika and Alex that we would still get incredible images that they will love!! 

I quickly set up a small flash and set my assistant in the perfect position. Then, we made MAGIC! 

Vika and Alex had such an incredible time taking their elopement photos. They swooned over one another and shared some very subtle but beautiful moments. 

I am honored to have been able to capture them. 



central park is one of the best wedding venues in NYC
Crystal Stewart