Tips To Get The Best Wedding Day Photos From A Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

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When it comes to your wedding day pictures you want them to be as perfect as they can be. Different angles, coverage all day long and crazy emotional photos that bring you back to that day every time you look at them.

What if I told you there are a few things you could do ensure better photos on your wedding day? Well, there are! I’ve outlined 4 tips to get the best wedding day photos below.

Choose A Well Lit Getting Ready Room

Light, dreamy photos of the getting ready portion of the day are what all of my couples desire. Natural window light pouring in to the room gently outlining the brides gorgeous features can be achieved by choosing the right getting ready space.

Most likely you’ll be spending the morning of your wedding at a hotel, work with them to choose a room with lots of windows, light neutral colored walls and ample space for your wedding party, parents and siblings to move around in. 

If you’re getting ready at home, the same guidelines apply. Try to choose 2 areas in your home that are bright and have great window light. For example, you may want to get your hair and makeup done in an upstairs bedroom with windows lining two walls. Once the hair and make up is done, you may then want to move your whole bridal party to the downstairs living room with a giant sliding door that lets in tons of natural light. Here we can do your toasts and fun robe photos. 

One enormous rule of thumb is to make sure you have communicated this important message with your wedding party: mind the mess. If everyone is making an effort to keep the room clean the photos will have a much higher production value. However, if there are little things here and there that contribute to your love story, let me know and I’ll make sure to include them. 

Set Your Details Aside The Night Before

On the morning of your wedding, you do not want to be scrambling looking for anything. Setting all of your details aside will alleviate this issue. On your dress hanger you can include your veil and a small bag with your jewelry and hair clip. In a box located near the dress you should have your invitation and other paper goods, all of the rings (in their ring boxes) and any cultural details you want captured. Then, of course, your shoes in a box of their own. 

Having these things set aside not only removes stress from you, it also speeds things up when I am photographing your details.

Location, Location, Location

You spent countless hours searching for the absolute perfect wedding venue. It has the perfect balance of your personality along with your fiancé’s. However, the hotel you’re getting ready at is 1 hour away! Or maybe you’re both an hour away from the venue and an hour away from each other! 

This kind of distance can really put a strain on your timeline. 

Assuming you and your fiancé want to get ready in separate locations, try to find hotels or an air bnb in close proximity to your venue. This will cut back on a lot of travel time and give you more time for photos and quality time with your hunny. 

Have An Engagement Session 

I’m willing to bet you are not a professional model, although I must say you are beautiful! 

With that said, posing and standing in front of the camera may feel very uncomfortable for your. That’s totally okay! This is why I always recommend an engagement session. 

The engagement session helps in many ways. One major benefit of an engagement session is learning how I work as your photographer. You get comfortable with the poses I put you in and hear some of the cues I use to get you both to emote. Once your wedding day arrives, you and your fiancé will be super comfortable with standing in front of the camera. No awkward smile here! 

I actually wrote a whole blog post on why you should have an engagement session here! 

Hopefully this blog post helped you out. I cant wait to see you on your wedding day! 

Crystal Stewart