Why You Should Print Your Wedding Pictures | Advice From A Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

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In the age of digital only photos important images like wedding pictures, major life events and family phots can get lost in the shuffle. 

Hard-drives fail, computers die and we can forget about or lose the images that can be most important to us. 

Printing images pose many advantages. 

Touch Sparks Emotion

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer many of my wedding clients love choosing albums as their printing option. 

By creating an album you’re able to walk through your wedding day in story form. Turning each page brings you to a new event that happened during your wedding. You’re able to reignite these memories over and over.

Choosing to print on textured paper can help your senses go wild. You’ll be experiencing these memories in a whole new way. The smell of the paper. The colors on the pages. The feeling as you run your fingers across the faces of your friends and family. 

It’ll quickly become one of your favorite things to do. 

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Wedding photography in Los Angeles
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Heirlooms To Pass Down

Have you ever looked through your parents wedding album? 

I have.

It’s magical.

Okay imagine with me for a moment here:

It’s about 10 years in the future. You have two cute little children running around. All they want to do is play and laugh and learn. 

In the midst of you three running around you spot the wooden decorative box that houses your wedding pictures. 

You become the big tickle monster and grab your little ones up and tickle them silly. You all plop on to the couch for a breather and you grab the box before you sit. 

Now you and your kids are going through the delicate silk prints you had made 10 years ago. Their little faces are lit up with joy as they see their parents in such a beautiful setting. 

The tiny fingers of your children sift through about 100 images before they fine the perfect one. 

“Can I put this in my room?” Your daughter asks. 

I do not know about you but that little story just made my heart skip a beat. Passing these photos down to your children and sharing memories with them is always a wonderful experience. 

Print just makes the experience more special. 

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Los Angeles wedding pictures

In Home Decor

What could possibly be better than hanging pictures of wonderful memories on your wall?

Walking past and smiling each time the photo catches your eye. 

Nothing, at least I believe so. 

Tying personal photos in with your home decor really makes a house feel like a home. As you walk through the rooms you’re able to share these moments with friends and family. Laughing about funny faces, smiling about wonderful days and reliving the memory of loved ones who’ve passed. 

Print is powerful and I personally love to provide printed images to my couples and families. 

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