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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer you’ve likely read some articles that encourage you to ask questions about what cameras they use and what their favorite lens is. 

While this might be important for the actual photographer to know themselves, is it really valuable information to you as the client? If I told you I shoot with two Sony A7RIII’s (which I do) as opposed to a Canon 1DXm2 would you even know what I was talking about? 

As a wedding photographer in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas I feel that there are way more important bits of information you need from your photographer than what camera they use. 

Truthfully, the photography studio you are looking at will be using professional equipment, fully insured, and well trained. Speaking from experience, a Los Angeles wedding photographer can not shoot in any reputable venue with out insurance (make sure to ask if they have insurance just to be sure). 

So what do you need to know about your wedding photographer? I’ve listed some KEY things below. 

Shooting Style 

Let’s keep in mind that photography is an art form. When choosing a wedding photographer you are choosing someone to tell your story through their lens. 

This is monumental. 

Understanding how this person sees stories and tells that story from their point of view is crucial to how YOUR love story will be told. 

Some photographers have a more journalistic approach where they do minimal, if any, posing and document as the day unfolds. Some pose and set everything up leaving little room for journalism and some take on a very editorial style that involves a lot styling. 

In addition to shooting style there is also lighting and editing. You may notice portfolios with a brighter and lighter color palette and some with darker and moodier tones. 

At Crystal Stewart Photo, a Los Angeles and Orange County based wedding photography studio, I take on a mixture of photo journalism, posing and sprinkle in a bit of an editorial style. 

The day is documented as it naturally unfolds but I also put in the effort to keep your space tidy, keep you by good light, add some fun styling details that will elevate your images and work with you during couples portraits to create timeless photographs that you will love forever! 

The color palette for Crystal Stewart Photo is light, bright and airy. 

This may not be the style you like or it may be the style that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Finding a photographer that already shares your aesthetic will make you much more comfortable with the gallery you will be getting from both the engagement session and the wedding.

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Are They Helpful?

Let’s be honest. There’s a very good chance that you’re reading this and you’ve never been married before. 

Am I right? 

So how is one that’s never been married supposed to know how to create the timeline for a wedding day or know how much time is appropriate for things like a first look or family formals? What about creating a shot list for those family formals? 

To help, I’ve written a few blog posts on these subjects: How Much Wedding Photography Coverage Do You Need? and Wedding Day Family Formals - Who Should You Include And How Long Should They Take?

With my wedding photography couples I actually build all of this out for you so you do not have to DIY it yourself. 

I feel that this adds value and helps save you time. It has become part of the fabric of my wedding photography studio to be helpful and take these stressful things off of your plate. 

So when you’re speaking to your potential wedding photographer ask: What do you do that sets you apart? How do you help me along this process?

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wedding photography in los angeles

Personality Is KEY


When speaking to your wedding photographer ask your self:

  • Did they make me laugh?

  • Are they kind and honest?

  • Can I see myself talking to this person for the next year?

  • Are they patient?

  • Would it be a pleasant experience for me to spend an entire day with this person? (Your wedding day)

  • Do they feel like someone I can build a great working relationship with?

  • Do they have my best interest in mind?

Working with a professional that makes you feel comfortable and happy when you are around them is the key to a successful business relationship. You will be spending A LOT of time with your wedding photographer. 

In Los Angeles, typical wedding photography coverage is between 8-10 hours on the day of your wedding. This does not include all of the time you will spend on planning calls, the engagement session, receiving and reviewing your engagement and wedding photos and album planning. 

In short, you’ll want to work with someone that you’re comfortable with, that has a compatible personality and is honest. 

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One Last Thing

You and I have covered a lot of ground today! 

Now you know when you’re looking for your wedding photographer you should:

  • See if their style matches what you’re looking for

  • Ask about ways they help you through this process

  • Pay attention to clues that will tell you if their personality meshes well with yours

One last thing you may want to be aware of is the philosophy of the studio you will be working with. 

At this point you’re probably thinking “WHAT?!”

Hear me out….

Here, at Crystal Stewart Photo, I pride myself on skillfully documenting your wedding story in an authentic and artful way. I do this by exclusively shooting weddings and engagement sessions and never closing the door on new ideas or education that will help me bring value to my couples. 

By choosing to stick to one aspect of photography I am able to be more detailed and focus on my client experience (which is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN MY COMPANY). 

You may see some studios that offer a smorgasbord of photography options. Newborn, family sessions, weddings, birthday parties, real estate, commercial and even travel. 

Ask your self, if this studio is focusing on everything, how can they be good at any one of these things? 

Think of the profession you’re in and how you specialize in a certain field and even a sub niche in that field. You are an expert in your field of focus. You know everything there is to know about that specific thing to help make you a powerhouse of an employee or business owner. 

Let’s look at an example: A math teacher focuses on educating students on different aspect of mathematics and how it plays a role in real life. You will not find a math teacher explaining the industrial revolution or the rise and fall of the ottoman empire in their algebra class, at least mine didn’t…

All of the details I pointed out will help you find the perfect wedding photographer for you and your wedding. 

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation call with me to chat about your wedding photography needs just click here or the button below. 

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