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Being a Los Angeles wedding photographer is truly such a fun and exciting job. I get to work with incredible couples to create beautiful images and freeze some of the best moment of their lives.

But what happens after you’ve looked at the digital gallery?

I’ve outlined 3 reasons you need to make a wedding album.

You Wont Do Anything With The Images

In the past few years I’ve helped quite a few couples create the perfect wedding album for them. These wonderful people are so grateful for all of the hard work I put in to creating the pages, assembling the images and telling a cohesive story.

The feedback I continue to hear is “We are so happy to have had you as our wedding photographer! You’ve helped us create an album that will last forever, when we probably would not have done anything with the pictures even with the best intentions.”

You are busy.

You have important jobs, you have a home to maintain and you have a life to live. As time passes you’ll continue to tell yourself that you need to print your wedding photos, you need to sit and plan out an album, but you never actually will.

Opting in for a wedding album saves you all of that extra time and work. Who doesn’t want to save time and do less work!

Your First Family Heirloom

You are getting married. New family traditions are going to be formed. New family heirlooms will be passed down.

One of the first heirlooms you should make is your wedding album.

This wonderful piece of art not only tells your love story but it also starts conversations. When friends and family visit they will sift through the pages reliving how fun the day was. Your children will be transported to the day their parents got married.

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I can personally say, this is such a beautiful feeling.

Pictures Look Better In Print

Okay, I know you’ve heard this before, pictures look better in print, but have you EXPERIENCED it?

I personally have a few sample wedding photography albums that help you smell and feel the beauty and quality of the wedding albums I make for my couples. Just by touching the pages you get a totally different experience than just clicking through them on your computer or being reminded that you were married a year ago by facebook.

Print is emotionally captivating.

Having the ability to be up close and personal with such a monumental time in your life, your wedding, is unearthly.

Did I go overboard with that last bit? That’s how I actually feel! Your wedding photos should not just sit on a USB, they should be printed and proudly displayed.

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