Engagement Photos On The Beach - Long Beach, NY

Having your engagement photos taken on the beach can be one of the most beautiful and fun experiences you'll ever have. These photos of Duane and Shayla show.....

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Coffee Shop Photoshoot

So you’re scrolling through Instagram and you’re thinking “ GOSH, these photos look awesome. These coffee shop pictures look bright and effortless, why don’t mine look that way?”

Am I right? 

Well I’m here to give you some tips and share a recent coffeeshop photoshoot I did with a stunning young lady named Vika. 

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Crystal Stewart
5 Reasons To Order Prints

Have you gone through a photo session and thought "all I need are the digital files?" Well I am here to tell you why you need print.......

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3 easy Tips for Photographing Children

Do you want to take better pictures of kids and just do not know how to get them to CALM DOWN? Or do you want better pictures of your own kids? Well this post is just for you! 

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